Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not So Explosive Bombchelle

RIP Explosive Bombchelle, the blog I was barely keeping on life support over the past two years. Explosive Bombchelle started in 2005 because:
“After ten years of writing executive summaries and bulleted powerpoints in corporate America, corroding my ability to creatively express myself through words, I realized it was time to start writing again. This blog is for me, to engage the right side of my brain and utilize all those years dedicated to learning the journalistic craft. This is not a single topic blog focused on one facet of my background or personality, but meant to explore a diverse range of issues and topics covering everything from my love of dogs, my move from the east coast to the mid-west, my inability to sit still, my passion for travel, the art of photography and the decision to be childfree. I sincerely hope you enjoy my contribution to this community of writers.”

It is with some sadness that I lay the moniker Explosive Bombchelle to rest. I stopped writing with any regularity for a variety of reasons like paralyzing writers block and spending more time in the gym and less at the computer. Every January I vowed to kick-start the blog again with limited success. Last week while in the shower (I always do my best thinking in the shower) it dawned on me that I wanted to write, but had creatively backed myself into a corner. By titling the blog Explosive Bombchelle I inadvertently put pressure on myself to be “explosive." I had a flurry of writing ideas but only a few so mind-blowing or scandalous they could land in New York Times. I do have an opinion about almost every topic and am not afraid to share it, but suddenly it felt like the only thing I should write about are those opinions, to get a rise out of people and spark debate. I can be explosive, but I can also be funny, flirty, sad, sardonic, obnoxious, and inquisitive. Rather than crumble under the pressure to focus on one side of my personality, the opinionated instigator and debater, I decided it was time to kill Explosive Bombchelle and resurrect the blog under a new title.

Welcome to “Vagablonde Bombchelle,” a place where I can share some of my thoughts, observations, opinions, images, missives, recipes, reviews, and commentary as I travel the world, and wander through through daily life.


Dan said...

What? Your not going to be so Explosive, I am never coming back! :-) Just waiting on your next post!


Michelle said...

i still like Chelle-shocked. :-)
But Vagablonde is good too. Keep writing, whether you think it's good or not, You are not obligated to impress any of us, you are feeding a creative need within yourself. Whether that may be banquets or crumbs, keep feeding.

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