Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama: The Ron Popeil of Politics?

Tonight’s 30 minute long Barack Obama “infomercial” scares the willies out of me. Although ahead in most polls, there are still enough undecided voters who could make or break either of the campaigns. Many political strategists predict that only half of those undecided voters are actually undecided and the other half are individuals who would not vote for an African-American but do not want to be labeled as a “racist” by the pollsters. Those supporting democrats are historically more fickle and are more likely to stay home then take the time to visit their local voting booth. If these strategists are correct the election is even closer then polls are indicating. With so much at stake in the final 6 days of the 2008 Presidential race I do understand the need for such a bold move on the part of the democratic campaign. Will this move will break, not make, Senator Obama’s bid for the White House?

Money Shot in the Foot: Barack’s campaign raised an unprecedented amount of money. Historically the Republican’s commanded the position of largest war chest which makes the Democrats fundraising juggernaut even more amazing. This monster fundraising effort is why the Obama campaign can spend nearly $5 million for a 30 minute infomercial on 7 television stations. Even though the campaign could spend that type of cash on television time should they spend that much money with the crumbling economy being at the forefront of the mind of every voter? Will voters be turned off by the five million dollar extravaganza?

Rally Cry: Tina Brown of The Daily Beast was quoted as saying; “One of the striking ironies is that a man who draws tens of thousands of people to his rallies, whose charisma is likened to that of John F. Kennedy, can be sort of a bore.” Will tonight’s infomercial showcase Barack’s trademark charisma or expose his reported boring side? When you have a face for radio you stick to radio, not television. When you have a personality made for rallies you should stick to rallies.

Over-exposed: Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the presidency on January 20, 2007. Barack Obama threw his name in the ring on February 10, 2007. John McCain officially became a contender on February 28, 2007. By the time Election Day rolls around the American electorate has been inundated by political ads, messages, news, mail, and phone calls. If you live in a swing state like we do in Minnesota, these messages are almost constant. Will a 30 minute political infomercial be the last straw for people who already feel bombarded with campaign messages and are sick of a 20 plus month election cycle?

The Great Pumpkin Effect: There is always the chance of saying something stupid that could potentially sway even committed voters away from a candidate. Barack Obama can learn a great lesson from the Peanuts special that aired immediately following “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” on television last night. Linus Van Pelt, the sweet, blanket loving friend of Charlie Brown, runs for student body president in “You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown” Holding a commanding lead until his final speech, Linus tells everyone about the Great Pumpkin, quickly becoming the laughing stock of his school. He ends up winning by one vote only because his competitor, Russell Anderson, voted for the best candidate; Linus.

Somehow I don’t think John McCain would cast his vote for Barack, so if Mr. Obama wants to win the election he better avoid pissing off his supporters and any mention of The Great Pumpkin to protect his small lead.


Pete O. said...

Well put my Dear! I myself can't in good conscious vote for someone who thinks he is going to change the 2nd Amendment in his own special way. The good Obama wants to restrict what over half of the most popular size hunting ammunition and just about make it impossible for the average citizen to own a hand gun. I for one can not and will not support someone who thinks he can re-write the Constitution to reflect his personal views.

Nursedude said...

I too am another second ammendement supporter who knows Obama's real history in how he feels about Americans ability to hunt and defend themselves. I have a lot of other issues with Obama.

The amount of money both political parties spend in this veritable marathon of a pissing war is nothing short of obscene, given the current economy. People talk about Republicans being the party of the wealthy? When you look at some of the well-heeled support Obama has from Hollywood and the entertainment industry (Having Oprah Winfrey as a close personal friend is not a bad thing, is it?), that would seem to throw that conventional wisdom on it's head.

I still maintain that the only Obama loses this thing is if he hires Denny Green to manage the last days of his campaign.

litchic said...

I agree, very well said! I love the analogy of the great pumpkin! As for the relationship between the failing economy and this particular campaign, I think its important to remember that the $5 million spent on last night's advertisement was money privately donated to the Obama campaign... specifically for the purpose of winning this election. Obama didn't take any public money for his campaign, and while I recognize that $5 million is a huge amount of money during difficult economic times, these are not funds that could be designated in a different way. As long as people keep donating exorbitant amounts of money to presidential campaigns, the money will be spent in exorbitant ways. Personally, the fact that my $20 to Obama went toward an advertisement explaining his policy positions to such a large constituency of people bothers me significantly less than if I had donated to the RNC and my money had gone toward a $150,000 wardrobe for a certain vice presidential candidate...

husband said...

I personally don't find the second amendment positions of the candidates to be a deal breaker. Do you really think Obama is going to take away your guns??? The NRA will make sure that doesn't happen.
Anyway, I checked in briefly on the Obama infomercial and it was boring. I agree with that quite that he can be quite a bore. At least he's articulate though...