Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Fashion Police

Since Joan Rivers wasn’t at the Vancouver Olympic Games Opening Ceremony so I thought I would take on the role of red carpet fashion critic.

  • Andorra had great hats.
  • Azerbaijan took a bold risk on their crazy pants. Epic fail.
  • Bermuda shorts in Vancouver, their one athlete had to be cold showing off his knees.
  • Czech Republic, bolder move with their crazy pants. Wow. Did zubas come back?
  • Denmark needs a better designer, for a country that cold they can use more fashionable winter ware then plain red coats.
  • Estonia embraced winter with the snowflake theme. Brisk baby.
  • Finland’s crazy coats made me barf a little, very sad since they are the most beautiful people on earth (yes, I’m biased).
  • I originally thought France got best use of their flag with it cleverly hidden under the arms of their coat but then Hungry had the same coats but with their colors; mass production!
  • The jury is still out on the pink and blue donned by Germany. The yellow trim threw me off.
  • French berets worn by Great Britian, how bloody odd.
  • Italy just broke out their everyday black overcoats like they were going to church.
  • Monaco looked very regal in their sweaters, Princess Grace would be proud.
  • I don’t understand why the Netherlands always wears orange but I do appreciate it since it’s my favorite color.
  • Team Norway looked like half my co-workers in Minnesota.
  • Serbia’s black coats with red scarves were incredibly classy.
  • I think I would look quite good in the Slovenia women’s green coats (if anyone from the Slovenian team wants to send me one, I’m a US size 12).
  • Sweden had some sweet knitted hats, fun, very Swedish. And seriously, could they be any more beautiful?
  • The USA contingent should thank their lucky stars that Ralph Lauren has taken over their fashion design because he makes some really nice clothes. Too bad the hat is sold out already (although the $75 price tag made my husband choke).
  • The host country takes the fashion prize. Canada's maple leaf gloves were adorable (and apparently sold out since November). The checkered scarves cozy. And the hats were fun. Nice job!

Like the Oscars, I’m in the Opening Ceremonies for the clothes. I’m quite impressed with the Canadian show for making use of technology. Canada has to use brains rather than brawn since they don’t have a billion people at their disposal to perform like China. Well done neighbor to the north.

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Anonymous said...

I want one of those hats!