Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolutions

1. I will write more the old fashioned way; with a pen and paper. I will send 104 friends and family members notes and cards and letters because they are special and should get more than bills and Victoria's Secret catalogs in the mail.

2. I will stop bitching about things I don't like about my body and do something about it. Ugly spider veins on the legs; zap them. Bikini line nicks; laser them. Aches and pains; massage them. Lines and wrinkles; photo-facial. Heck, I may even get laserlipo on my stomach pooch that never, ever goes away.

3. I will cook 52 new recipes, a goal I've met the past two years that gives me tremendous amount of happiness in achieving.

4. I will ride my bike at least 100 miles. Not at once, don't be crazy. In total. 

5. I will do at least 250 group fitness classes at The Firm.

6. I will send at least 20 friends my best pictures of them, their dogs, and their kids. Like printed on old-fashion photo paper.

7. I will fix the paint patches in the tasting room. Paint the patch next to the fireplace. And paint the dining room a color that is not hideous. 

8. I will sell some of my Creative Memories inventory. It's taking up space and worth gold these days.

9. I will plan at least one date a month with my husband. Planned date does not include impromptu stops for burgers and fries because we don't feel like cooking.

10. I will do whatever it takes to get one g-damn, non-assisted pull-up by the end of the year.

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