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2017 52 Recipe Challenge

Super Bowl Party Grits Bar
The 52 recipe challenge is way of bringing together our friends far and wide who love to cook and share their successes and failures in the kitchen. The challenge; to make 52 new recipes in a single year. This is our sixth year of sharing food, recipes, kitchen catastrophes, and culinary creativity with friends far and wide.

2017 Top 5

  1. Recipe 49- Dolores' Brokenhearted ChickenSometimes I wonder why we keep doing this 52 Recipe Challenge after all these years. This is why. This... was... amazing.
  2. Recipe 33- Campfire Dutch Oven Sourdough French ToastI was able to prep everything before leaving home for camping, putting it all in separate ziploc bags. Easy to assemble. I would encourage you to use the foil in the dutch oven as it was sticky, and the foil made clean up a breeze (which is nice when camping). Next time I'd increase the liquid just a bit (1/4 - 1/2 cup). We opted for maple syrup instead of the glaze. Delicious!
  3. Recipe 51- Creamed SpinachThis one took some effort, but was very good, and was declared the best I've made.
  4. Recipe 13- HashbrownsLoaded Steakhouse Hashbrowns. I used this recipe as a base, but added a half cup of green onion, half cup of homemade bacon bits, cup of cubed cheese. Oh, and i used frozen hashbrowns... I'm not that crazy! This was the star of Valentine's Day dinner.
  5. Recipe 3- Grown Up Mac and CheeseThis was a huge hit at our New Year's Day Recovery Brunch Mac and Cheese Bar. I made mine with the recommended bacon and bread crumbs, and it was delicious, but I know other people at the party doctored theirs up with caramelized onions, langostino tails, tomatoes, and/or chorizo.

2017 Honorable Mentions

  1. Recipe 23- Honey Mustard Glazed Ham: Made this for Easter and was told it was "my best ham yet". Note: I heated my ham up using the Alton Brown method (starting at 250 degrees for several hours). Also, my ham was 18 lbs. and I still had at least twice as much glaze as I needed. So feel free to scale back on the ingredients (seriously, I should have known better than to use a full cup of honey). A keeper!
  2. Recipe 14- Sostanza Brown Butter ChickenLike most chicken recipes I do these these days, I soaked the breasts in buttermilk to tenderize them before dredging and pan frying them. I also used a little wine to deglaze the pan before adding the chicken back in to bake.
  3. Recipe 9- Slow Cooker GritsThese were really good. May become my go-to recipe for making polenta, er, I mean grits
  4. Recipe 7-  Caramel Budino: Delicious. I used chocolate graham crackers as the base and did a basic homemade whipped cream for the top. The only complaint is you mess a lot of pots and bowls with all the steps.
  5. Recipe 10- Spicy Stewed Beef: Very nice spice, easy to make.

  1. Goat Cheese Quiche with Hash Brown Crust -
  2. Classic Mac and Cheese +
  3. Grown Up Mac and Cheese ++
  4. Chinese Roast Pork +
  5. Chicago Style Deep Dish
  6. Two Ingredient Pancakes - - -
  7. Caramel Budino +
  8. No Knead Bread
  9. Slow Cooker Grits +
  10. Spicy Stewed Beef with Grits +
  11. Cajun-Style Shrimp
  12. Buffalo Chicken Dip
  13. Hashbrowns+
  14. Sostanza Brown Butter Chicken +
  15. Classic Beef Pot Roast +
  16. Sweet Potato Hash +
  17. Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Bake
  18. Easy Grilled Chicken
  19. Garlic Shrimp +
  20. Sous Vide Shrimp
  21. Pioneer Woman Caesar Salad +
  22. Alton Brown Fish and Chips
  23. Honey Mustard Glazed Ham
  24. Maid-rites
  25. Pastrami Ribs
  26. Ham Salad
  27. Blackened Mahi Sandwiches +
  28. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
  29. Grilled Swordfish with Lemon, Mint, and Basil
  30. Campfire Dutch Oven Beer and Sausages
  31. Campfire Dutch Oven Mountain Main Breakfast
  32. Campfire Dutch Oven Queso Fundido +
  33. Campfire Dutch Oven Sourdough French Toast +++
  34. Sriracha Grilled Chicken +
  35. Coconut Macaroon Brownies +
  36. Tangy Cucumber Salad
  37. Creamy Cucumber Salad +
  38. Old Fashion Pancakes +
  39. Laquered Bacon
  40. Butternut Squash Ravoli with Sage Brown Butter Sauce +
  41. Carrot and Parsnip Puree
  42. Brussels Sprouts, Sausage, and Spiralized Parsnips
  43. Garlic Roasted Carrots
  44. Honey Sriracha Roasted Carrots
  45. Carrot Cake
  46. Instant Pot Pork Ribs -
  47. Buttermilk Biscuits 
  48. Paleo Short Ribs
  49. Dolores' Brokenhearted Chicken (Sherry-braised Chicken) +++
  50. Ultra-fluffy Mashed Potatoes -
  51. Creamed Spinach +++
  52. Beef Wellington +
Bonus Recipes

+ denotes a dish we'll make again
- denotes a dish we didn't like or wouldn't make again

2016 52 Recipe Challenge

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