Monday, August 22, 2005

The Meaning of 30

Many people use their zero birthdays to affirm that their decades on this planet have been noteworthy. This is often done through a process of determining if a certain number of goals have been met. A major issue is few people actually take the time to pen a set of goals to measure themselves against. Without a predefined set of goals, we spend our milestone birthdays agonizing over a set of societal goals which we believe others hold us against rather then reflecting on all the amazing things that we have accomplished.

Lucky for me, I have never been one to believe in societal norms and traditions. However, when looking at my life, I eerily have met many of the impossible standards that people expect themselves to meet by 30. Successful Career: check. Loving Husband: check. Devoted Dog: check. New Car: check. World Travel: check. Close Friends: check. Gigantic Mortgage: check. 2.4 Kids: No Thank You. Finally, I'm not the odd 20 year old who grew up too fast... My accomplishments align with my new age bracket.

Reflecting on this is when it really hit me. I'm 30. I'm really 30. What do I do now? Where do I go from here?

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