Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pet People vs. Non Pet People

People who have never owned pets understandably don't comprehend when a pet person talks about their pet, revolves plans around their pet and talks about their pet as if they are a human. It is easy to make this kind of distinction between those who do own a household pet and those who do not. What I have recently discovered is there is there are many people out there who own pets who I would not classify as pet people. For one reason or another, these individuals have a variety of creatures in their home who simply co-habitate. I can understand completely how a person who has never owned a pet lacks the knowledge of how much love a pet can bring into our lives, but it is people who own pets and don't share that same passion for their animals that I do not understand.

I have one friend who has very different views on the subject of pets then I do. When talking about animals, I often writhe in pain at comments she makes. When talking about the death of a pet, her response is to just get a new one. When talking about pets who are having training issue, her response is to get a new one. To her, pets are as replaceable as a broken stereo.

What confuses me about these non-pet people pet owners is why they even get a dog or cat or bird or other pet. What purpose is there in owning a household pet, feeding it, training it and cleaning up after it if you are not going to allow yourself the benefits of having a loving best friend?

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