Saturday, January 27, 2007

An Argument for Global Warming

After moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2000, I have routinely heard from friends and colleagues how mild winters have become. Winters of the good old days are apparently a thing of the past and frankly, this transplant could not be happier. If locals call the snow, the wind and the bitter, bone chilling cold "Mild," then I would surly have died in the good old days.

Cold and snow are easier to tolerate in November and December. There is something to say about bundling up to cut down a Christmas tree. The novelty of a Winter Wonderland wears off right after the holidays. A countdown to the first day of spring begins every year sometime around January 2. This exercise is all but useless since year after year Jack Frost comes nipping at our noses well into April and sometimes May. I hardly call snow in late April mild.

So, I propose we continue pumping out emissions, using aerosol spray... anything we can do to continue this so called mild trend here in the Upper Mid-West. Global Warming might be wreaking havoc around the globe, but it is apparently keeping things nice and toasty here in the great north.

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