Friday, January 11, 2008

Evaluate Thy Self

My time devoted to pleasurable writing this week was disrupted by one of the most painful experiences in any corporate environment; yearly self evaluations. Each year I struggle, trying to find the fine line between self marketing and conceited boasting. Worse then blowing your own horn is trying to determine what areas of improvement to focus upon to counterbalance the bragging without exposing too many shortcomings. After over a week of writing in hour long clips, trying not to puke at the things I did over the past year and how they sound on paper, the yearly undertaking finally came to closure last night. To ensure I adhere to the writing goals set forth in my New Year’s Resolution list here are excerpts from my self evaluation; proof that I wrote some beautiful “non-fiction” prose this week.

Michelle partnered with Account Executives, Client Implementation and Sales to steward client goals and visions, interfacing throughout the organization to bridge silos of expertise with groups including Account Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations Delivery, Training, Reporting and IT while developing relationships to effectively execute strategy. During this process she began developing greater cross-product team relationships to drive long term strategies for product and operations integration efforts.

Designed business and operational processes to ensure that populations with differing health and wellness requirements could receive the services they needed without sacrificing the integrity of the product line or success metrics while ensuring data designs supported outcomes reporting.

Michelle identified opportunities for process improvement, facilitated design and process enhancement workshops, executed process updates, educated stakeholders on process design best practices, authored and supported the development of business requirements, validated deliverables against business principles and goals, collaborated with cross-functional representatives and advocated change within the organization.

Michelle’s big picture understanding allowed her to recognize the broader needs and issues surrounding each product and functional area during her work with client solutioning to ensure issues were addressed and small decisions would have minimal impact on downstream teams and processes.

Michelle’s understanding of corporate and internal systems and her ability to translate business and operational needs into technical requirements is a great benefit to the organization. As she moves out of more tactically focused work Michelle needs to gain more experience driving operational strategy to fully capitalize on her background and abilities.

With this complete it is now time to focus more on my societal observations and less on my contribution to "the man."


Ronald said...

I'm totally going to copy this and use it on my next self assessment. ;)

Nursedude said...

Yo ' a seriously scaring me. This is why I don't miss the Corporate America scene.

A Lost Writer said...

Cool blog. I especially liked your "I'm not kidding" post. I recently started to blog too - mainly to get reclaim my creativity. It's not happened entirely yet, but I'm getting there. Drop in if you can.

BD said...

Nice use of the third person Chelle... This is yet another reason why I prefer the unorganized chaos of smaller companies!

husband said...

seriously chelle... where are the concrete examples? How many? How much? Otherwise your doubletalk and babble was sublime.