Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Feel Great in 2008

After my abysmal results with my 2007 New Year’s Resolutions it is time to get back on the horse and declare my 2008 goals. As tempting as it is to be a little bit more vague to get better results I am following the advice of my health coach for creating resolutions that stick; set realistic goals, be specific, write it down, tell family and friends, reward and report personal progress, learn from setback rather then giving up.

Chelle’s 2008 New Year’s Resolutions
  1. Classy Lady: Take one continuing education class on any topic; photography, cooking, ballroom dance, tennis, creative writing, underwater basket weaving, etc.
  2. Let’s Get Physical: I will do something physical (walk, jog, blade, bike, etc.) for 30 minutes a day, every day.
  3. Hydrate: 8 glasses a day, every day.
  4. Cruelty Free Beauty: By the end of the year all the beauty product in the house, from shampoo to face cream, will be from companies who abstain from animal testing.
  5. Photos Finished: All photos will be uploaded to the internet within two weeks of taking them.
  6. Loan Free: Pay off car loan by end of year
  7. Face First: Reaching an age where facials are necessary and no longer a luxury, I will make the time to get facials quarterly.
  8. Reading: Finish 12 books.
  9. Writing: Post on blog an average of 3 days a week.
  10. Don’t let the sun shine in: Apply sunscreen to my face every morning.
  11. Variety is the spice of life: Get out of life ruts by trying a new “thing” every month; restaurant, museum, park, sport, stage production, etc.
  12. Weight of the world off the shoulders: Relax tense back and shoulder muscles with a deep body massage quarterly and hang on the inversion table at least 4 days a week.
  13. Maintain Happy Weight: Get back into the 170s and stay there!
  14. Great Skate: Complete another Inline Marathon.

Some of these goals are quite indulgent but align with my overall goal for the year; look and feel great in 2008. Sometimes it is necessary to take an easier course load; I suspect these more decadent resolutions will also help with my overall adherence!

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