Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Auto Unfocused

Something has taken over my body, inflicting one of the strangest bouts of writer’s block ever to come over me. Incredibly creative ideas are actually pouring from my head, filling computer folders with documents outlining cutting edge concepts and theories. Inspiration abounds; from current events and social issues to weather and our national pastime. Yet I cannot get beyond the framework of these ideas, outlines that never gain any meat or validity. This pseudo-writers block is more frustrating than not having any ideas at all; I can write, but I can’t get the job done.

Writers know the best way to get over writers block is to actually write about the writers block, but I was avoiding this method, fearing a half finished posting. Then I considered writing on all the things that could trigger bouts of writers block, forcing me to face the issues rather than the writing problem. The issue with that is I have absolutely no idea what could trigger this level of

Attention deficit.

  • Maybe I should play with the dogs?
  • Solei’s nails need trimming.
  • When is the dogs’ grooming appointment?
  • My tooth hurts, I should make a dentist appointment.
  • I should call my sisters/Stacy/Diane/Jooli/my dentist.
  • Did wadE remember to call his mother?
  • I need to send Mom a package.
  • UPS tracker should have information on the package I ordered by now.
  • There needs to be more order in the Tupperware drawer.
  • I need to finish going through my drawers to get rid of old stuff.
  • I have a bag for goodwill, I should throw that in my car.
  • It’s probably time to have my car washed and vacuumed.
  • What should I wear tomorrow?
  • The dish washer should be loaded.
  • Did I remember to close the garage door?
  • Wonder if the tomato plants need water?
  • Oh look, Jeter is batting!
  • What a cute bunny in the yard.
  • Crap, I forgot to send someone a document at work.
  • I should really change my 401K around.
  • Where the heck did I hide badge for work?
  • How many Japanese beetles will it take to kill my sunflowers?
  • When should I squeeze in a haircut?
  • These legs need waxing, I wonder who Amy is going to these days.
  • Amy had a fantastic shirt on tonight, I should ask her where she got it.
  • Did I leave any shirts at the Dry Cleaner?
  • Should I make sushi reservations this weekend?
  • Weekend at Bernie’s was a stupid movie.
  • Damn, I haven’t seen Indiana Jones yet.
  • Should we go to Amsterdam after our trip to London?
  • Ooooo, Joe Nathan is pitching, he’s cute.
  • That cute new shirt would be great to wear tomorrow.
  • Are we going to get rain tomorrow, or do I have to water the plants.
  • Look at the time, I should get some sleep.
If anyone has suggestions on how to find focus, I’m willing to take suggestions. Help. Puhleeze.


    Alex said...

    It's not fair to stop at merely saying Weekend at Bernie's is a stupid movie. Of course it's stupid. But the thing is, if you go beyond the stupidity, there's a brilliance there. It's along the same order as Men At Work (although Men At Work was both stupider, and more brilliant).

    Diane said...

    Wait, Men at Work is a movie? I thought they were just the Australian version of a 1 hit wonder....

    Alex, how are you feeling after Saturday AND Monday's classes?

    Nancy Reed said...

    hehe...we must be sharing a brain Chelle. I talked about this briefly in my last post. Here is my solution

    "Mindless tinkering at it’s finest. The Falling Sand Game. I’ve used this for the past couple of years when I have writer’s block. Not sure I would have gotten through grad school without it. "

    Claire said...

    I often wonder if I have adult-onset ADD - & only at work. I don't get it, I was never this bad before. Anyway, your train of thought is pretty much what runs through my head all day. I'm sure that for me, it's more of a self-discipline problem than an actual condition, but still....

    Just have some more wine, Michelle - inspiration comes easily!

    Steve & Stepher said...

    Whatever you have it is apparently v. contagious b/c as you can see, several of us also have the same adult-onset ADD. We could be sharing a brain and I'm totally serious.

    Addressing some of your thoughts --

    Solei is a gorgeous name!

    You have sunflowers? Lucky duck. I *LOVE* those.

    LONDON? When? British Airlines is having a HUGE fare sale today!!! I'm actually resisting the urge to go there myself. Oh and Amsterdam? Sign me up! Steve would love that for sure.

    Sheesh, look at me. I'm ready to go back to the British Airlines website and buy some seats just b/c you made me think of Europe, LOL. I'll explain it that way to Steve when he gets home. Can you handle a small amount of blame? ;-)

    Mark said...

    It would be stereotypical of me to say pray and meditate.
    If Greta is still a recluse it could mean a feline curse has been set upon you. We know from experience with Habbie.
    My family advice is to take Luna and Solei for a chariot race. All three of you will be “relaxed” and creativity come at odd times. Alternately, it may be that wadE’s writer’s block has now spread to you and you both need a getaway to Toronto for writer’s guidance.
    My Lutheran advice is to have a beer befitting Martin Luther’s tastes and have a shot of Lutheran Medicine, a.k.a., Uncle Jack (with mix or chaser). Follow this with a triple espresso and your mind will be bouncing around and mixing together full blown ideas before you know it. I can’t vouch for how your heart will take this combo but it just might do the trick.
    Kara and I say “Keep your stick on the ice” and know that “We’re in this together. We’re pullin’ for you.”

    Alex said...

    Diane - I am quite flattered that you think I made it to Monday's class. In truth, I didn't feel quite right from Saturday's class until about Tuesday. :)

    Explosive Bombchelle said...

    Nancy- I will need to start playing the sand game to see if it has the same meditative, writer's block fighting powers that you suggest.

    Alex- I think I know a lot of movies as well as people that can be classified as brilliantly stupid.

    Diane- We didn't squeeze in any weekday beatings with Doug, perhaps he can cure me Saturday!

    Claire- I'm afraid to tell a doctor I think I've always had ADD. If they suggest drugs I fear I'll lose my incredibly ability to multi-task. Oh, and the wine helped if my recent post is any indication.

    Stepher- just buy the ticket, feel free to blame me!

    Pastor Mark- Any servant of God who suggests utilizing Jack Daniels as a cure for what ails is my kind of pastor. Seriously, if you got a church in Minnesota I would start going to church again. Move here so you can save my "I can't stand boring pastors anymore" soul.