Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quote of the Week

Wishing our dear little puppy, Solei, a very happy third birthday today!

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.
- Gilda Radner


Claire said...

Aw, happy birthday, Solei!! What a cutie!

Gilda was so right on with that quote.

LucyinStLou said...

She is so adorable! Happy birthday to her!

Steve and Stepher said...

Happy Third Birthday Solei!

Have a cocktail to celebrate; you're officially 21 in human years!

husband said...

Happy Birthday Solei!!!
I love you, you crazy little mutt!

Amy said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Solei!!!

Make sure to give her a good scratch for me, k?

Explosive Bombchelle said...

Solei thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Like a true Leo she wants to celebrate for the rest of the week; she hates her birthday falling on a weekday! She had lots of treats, a long w-a-l-k where she got to sniff anything she wanted as long as she wanted, and Solei got to play in the hose all by herself without supervision from her bossy sister Luna. The only thing that would make the day more perfect is if her ear and belly scratches actually came from a human with nails.

Steve and Stepher said...

What a lovely birthday for Ms. Solei. =)

I was just thinking about recent trips and I know that you guys have enjoyed several of late but are now slowing down for a bit. We're in the same boat. =(

From this time last year, we've flown 18 times and now - nothing since this past April. I'm sooooo bummed. Do you ever feel that way when you think of cutting back a bit?

This time last year we were on Waikiki and let's just say we were happy beyond belief. It all seems so long ago.

Bah. I'm just PMSing and wanting to go somewhere fun immediately if not sooner. Can one be addicted to travel???

Explosive Bombchelle said...

Stepher, I am fully addicted to travel! After we did Australia/New Zealand in January 2007 we didn't do anything of significance (NY doesn't count, that's home!) until May 2008. It was hell and I'm not looking foward to the time period between October 2008 (London/Amsterdam/Brussels) and an unknown point in the future when we visit someplace.

Okay, looking at the bright side... it is more time with Luna and Solei :-D

Steve and Stepher said...

Was NY in May of 2008?

I think (keyword: think) we are heading somewhere close to home over Labor Day but who knows.

I was silly and used up most of Steve's vaca earlier this year: we did five days out west in Vegas and Death Valley (got to see George Carlin so it was TOTALLY worth it) and then a week in Acapulco in April. There was a trip home to St. Louis in May but that was to plan my dad's funeral which is SO not a vaca.

This time last year I went swimming w/sharks off of Oahu's North Shore. HOW can I beat that?!?!

October will be here sooner than you know. Hang in there.

One day at a time right; isn't that what they teach in addiction programs??? Argh!

Diane said...

I'm in the opposite boat - after living on airplanes for a few years, I can pretty much count on 1 round trip flight a year now. Hopefully we'll bump that up to 2 a year soon...

Plunger Girl said...


Mark said...

Uncle Mark, Aunt Kara and Cousin Habbie say "meow-meow-mwahw-meow." We mean, "Happy 3rd B-Day Solei!"
Habbie caught a bird for your B-day but Uncle Mark made him let go so it flew out of his mouth. Habbie says next year for both Luan and Solei he will catch one of the sea gulls. ;()
Love Ya!!

NeeNee said...

I Love how NY doesn't count but my poor nieces only stay on LI. Next time you stay on LI, myself and uncle Matt will take them through flushing. Kissena Park, Fresh MEadows, etc.

Unfotunately, no swimming, but they can stare at the group of people doing tae kwon do.