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2011 New Year's Resolutions

Unlike most of the population, I am a New Year’s Resolution person who remembers their resolution well past January 2. This wasn’t always the case. For many years I made the same resolutions with the same poor results. I always vowed to lose twenty pounds or stop biting my nails. 364 days later I’d be celebrating New Year’s Eve with short nails and a big bottom. A few years ago I had the opportunity to work with a wellness coach who exposed my resolutions for what they were; vague, unmanageable, intangible, and unrealistic. My resolutions were admirable, but I kept setting myself up for disaster without the right tools for success.

The tool I was given was the concept of SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 3 years later I’m down over 30 pounds, have visited several new countries, and spend more time with my spouse (admittedly, I still bite my nails). Each goal has to be something I can take action on, measure that action (I’m a check-list/spreadsheet kind of girl myself), and have someone hold me accountable for. Rather than set a goal of losing 20 pounds, I set a goal of losing 10 pounds through exercising X number of days per week, and cutting back on my social drinking. As anyone knows me can attest, I haven’t done very well with any resolution focused on writing more but it’s a new year and time to try once again to become a better person mentally, physically, and emotionally and share the journey with you.

Goals: What do I want to accomplish this year?

  • Career: Attain a new job. This might not happen this year but I need to start taking steps on taking my career to the next place/level.
  • Finance: Become more financially responsible. I’m awful at finances. I have no debt, but I have no savings beyond the retirement stuff I can’t touch. I’m 35 now, time to get my finances in order.
  • Health: Lose 10 Pounds. This is a stretch goal. I’m at the last 10 and understand it will come off slower. It’s also not 100% necessary, I only need to lose 5 to have a “normal” BMI.
  • Health: Practice Preventative Care. Everyone should make this a goal, catching health issues early is the best way to stay healthy and alive.
  • Home: Organize Home. We’ve been in our casa for nearly 6 years and there is still so much to make it run smoother, happier, and be ours.
  • Personal Growth: Keep growing. I like being smarter, having new experiences, being more well-rounded. I think it makes me a better person.
  • Relationship Be a better wife and friend.

2011 New Year’s Resolutions: How I plan on accomplishing my goals.
  1. Update Resume by 3/31/2011 (Completed by 1/15/2011)
  2. Interview for another job by 6/30/2011 (Completed by 1/14/2011- New Job 4/18/2011)
  3. Do not buy anything from China or India in 2011 (rationale: it’s usually cheap shit I don’t need)
  4. Save $4000
  5. Practice an average of four AFDs per week (208 for year)
  6. Workout at least 260 days this year with a minimum of 225 group fitness classes
  7. Spin at least 1.75 times per week (91 for year)
  8. Resistance train (Yoga, CORE, Strength) 2 times per week (104 for year)
  9. Conduct Self Breast Exam one time per month (12 for year)
  10. Have Yearly Medical Exam (Completed 2/17/2011)
  11. Hang Hallway Portraits
  12. Paint Dining Room (current color = gross)
  13. Paint and Organize Garage
  14. Learn Backgammon
  15. Read 12 Books (2 Career Related)
  16. Take 1 Photography Class
  17. Write 12 Full-Length Blog Articles (52 is just way too demanding)
  18. Call Long-Distance Friend 2 times per month (24 for year)
  19. Go on in-town date with Wade one time per month (12 for year)
  20. Romp in the Hay at least twice a week (104 for year) (Been married almost 10 years and must make sure we stay atop each other's priority lists)

2010 Resolutions: I had them, didn't write about them (really bad adhereance to writing resolutions). I worked out, I added a new continent to my passport, I finished painting the interior of the house, I didn't save money, write enough, or sadly, have enough romps in the hay.

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