Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Worst Internship Ever

There is a college student in earshot of my cube who is probably ecstatic he scored a summer internship with a well-respected, fortune 500 company. It will not take long for him to realize he has the worst internship ever.

For the past week, he has called one number after the other to determine if the call is being routed to the correct call center and then documents the results. The script goes like this:

Hello, I'm calling from corporate to test the routing rules. What location are you at? Texas, are you in San Antonio or Dallas? San Antonio, thank you. Good bye. Over and over and over (with different combinations of locations). Today, he is testing the whisper tones. Hello, I'm calling from corporate to test the IVR rules. What location are you at? Ohio, are you in Cleveland or Dayton? Cleveland. Thank you. Did you hear a whisper tone indicating I requested Spanish? Great, thank you, good bye.

This intern will probably do this constantly for the next 8 to 10 weeks. I do not know who is going to go crazier, him for doing such a crappy, boring job, or me having to listen to this for the rest of the summer.


Amy said...

I vote you go crazy before he does... :) What's the over / under on the date?

John said...

I want in.

Diane said...

No bet - Chelle started as crazy!

blondebombchelle said...

He's driving the whole row of us bonkers, I don't know how he's doing it without alcohol.