Friday, July 13, 2007

I can see clearly now my vanity is gone

It was only a matter of time before my eyes inevitably went out on me. For some reason, I thought the process might be a bit more gradual and I could get used to the idea of wearing glasses before actually having to do so. By gradual, I mean about 10 to 20 years because technically, I have several pairs of glasses from my once every 2 years visit to the Optometrist living in the drawer of things I never use. Yesterday, giving up on the thought that my vision would pop back to pre-computer days where I could see the bottom line of an eye chart, I foraged through the drawer and pulled out a very nice pair of black framed glasses, circa 2004. Putting them on my face, I suddenly forgot what they were for. Was I short-sighted or near-sighted? Why did I need these anyway?

After a period of time, I remembered why these particular pair of glasses were purchased; PowerPoint projections in meetings. So, today begins my first day of wearing glasses. It is amazing how clear and crisp street signs were on my drive to work this morning, and how green the trees were. Dry Erase marker comes jumping off the whiteboard without even the littlest squint. It is like a whole new world, one that is bright and sharp; a world where people comment on how much I look like a librarian, not a sexy librarian, just a librarian. No offense to the librarians, but you need to launch a new marketing campaign to eliminate the stereotype; and these glasses are going back in the drawer.

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Diane said...

My glasses may be going to a drawer soon as well! On Thursday the 12th, I was told (after wearing glasses/contacts for 34 years) that I was a "prime candidate" for vision correction...