Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Newlywed foiled by office pranksters

What do you get when you combine a dozen or so talented people craving to use their creativity in an energy sapping office and a fun-loving co-worker on a week long honeymoon? You get the prime opportunity to pull off an over the top office prank that people will be talking about for years to come.

The Monday following Mark’s beautifully timed September 21st wedding (a fine day for a wedding anniversary!) his co-workers began recruiting members of the office to punk his cube. What began as an innocent office prank turned into an office-wide phenomenon as word of the project spread. Occupying the cube directly across from Mark gave me the unique opportunity to witness scores of people who came from far and wide to witness the construction project; commenting on the creativity, the attention to detail and the improved radio reception throughout the building. Each day the aluminum foil cube drew increased attention as it became brighter and emitted intense heat from the glare. Four days and over 1000 square feet of aluminum foil later, the masterpiece was complete and ready for Mark’s return to work.

Luckily, Mark has a very good sense of humor and appeared to take the office prank to end all office pranks quite well. What took days and a team of over a dozen people to put together took less then two hours to take down. Luckily, there are some permanent reminders left in the cube to give us a chuckle and remind us of the week we came together to have a little fun at the expense of our co-worker; and foiled everyone’s perception that you cannot have a good time on the job.

For additional pictures visit the full album of aluminum foil photos.


Alex said...

Very nice. That's the sort of prank that I would only participate in if I were killing time at work. Heh.

The only other prank of that magnitude I've witnessed is when wadE and I were freshmen at the big O. One of the people in our hallway got their room boarded shut while they were on choir tour. Their friends went so far as to get the dean of students in on the deal and produce a letter of condemnation due to a questionable fridge fungus (or something like that). Good times.

Explosive Bombchelle said...

The problem with being a prankster is payback is (going to be) a bitch. I have ensured the locks on my cabinets work...