Friday, February 09, 2007

Eulogy for Anna Nicole Smith

Today, we come to mourn the untimely death of another iconic blonde. This tragic event was one in the making from the day Anna Nicole Smith, aka Vickie Lynn Hogan Marshall, was launched onto the international stage as the face and body of Guess. As most of the fashion industry embraced the cocaine thinned models of the time, Anna Nicole’s figure and bombshell looks reflected days gone by, an era of pin-up girls ogled for their curves. She channeled the style and majesty of famous bombshells before her, and quickly became the object of both desire and jealously across the globe.

Beauty is a weak base for constructing long-term success and on the surface, there appeared to be little else for Anna Nicole to build a future on. She made the most of what she was given in life, and used her looks to find financial security in the arms of her husband J. Howard Marshall. Whether the relationship was for love or money, this marriage is what ultimately catapulted Anna Nicole from fashion icon to embattled celebrity. She was not the first person to marry a much-older man, but certainly became one of the more famous.

Her unconventional personality and court battle over the assets of her deceased husband kept Anna Nicole cemented in the tabloids. The media was able to focus on her limitations, honing in on her outrageous behavior and shocking weight gain. Anna Nicole Smith capitalized on America’s obsession with celebrity in a hit reality show that chronicled the chaos of her life. Her absurdity, foolishness and personal battles made for good television and exemplified the cliché that no publicity is bad publicity.

Everyone loves a happy ending, and for some time there was thought that Anna Nicole could actually enjoy one; securing a lucrative deal with TrimSpa due to her complete body re-transformation and Legal woes over her late husband’s fortune landed at the United State’s highest court and found her victorious.

Anna Nicole experienced life’s greatest joy with the birth of her daughter, Dannielynn Hope, last September. Unfortunately, this elation was met with the ultimate heartbreak a few days later when her son, Daniel, died of an overdose. Life again spiraled out of control for Anna Nicole, as she dealt with issues surrounding the paternity of her new daughter and scrutiny over the details over her son’s death.

The cruel irony of Anna Nicole’s celebrity is the very beauty and fame that brought her to our attention is ultimately what killed her. No matter what the coroner declares as her cause of death, Anna Nicole Smith died as a result of her battle finding love, security and understanding in a world that took advantage of her frailties. With death, may Anna Nicole find peace from her conflict and inner turmoil, solace in returning to life with her son and a legacy as a blonde bombshell.

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