Friday, May 25, 2007

BD: Before Dogs

I love my dogs like they were children and would have 6 more if it was feasible, however, as a public service announcement to those considering adopting a pet, I will disclose the things I used to do before becoming a pet parent:

  • Cuddle with my husband at night without a furry wedge between us.
  • Stay out until all hours without worrying about getting home.
  • Spontaneously go away for a weekend.
  • Engage in marital activities without the fear of a cold nosed interruption.
  • Leave my shoes all over the house.
  • Visit a gym regularly instead of walking the dogs.
  • Spend money on things other than vet bills, raw hides, chew toys, carpet cleaner and dog food.
  • Leave the house without turning on the radio, putting up the gate, saying goodbye and distributing kongs.
  • Routinely sleep through the night without a trip to the back yard.
  • Say the words walk, outside, car, go, cookie, and squirrel without having to spell them out.


Alex said...

What's so wrong about a middle of the night trip to the backyard? I do it all the time... :)

blondebombchelle said...

I forgot the other thing about having dogs, not being able to go to the bathroom without privacy anymore.