Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pets can be hazzardous to your health

For all those who still tease me incessently about shattering my right foot after tripping over Luna in 2005, I would like to present the following evidence that dogs can present very real household dangers. Some celebrities have fallen victim to innocent trippings by their four-legged friends in recent months.

Paula Abdul broke her nose over the weekend trying to avoid stepping on her dog. Kim Clijsters bruised her tailbone after stumbling over her dog while playing soccer. For more information on celebrities and their pets, visit Celebrity Dog Watcher. Incurring injury while protecting your dog is more common than one would think!

My fear is that in the future there will be an extra premium for dog ownership on health insurance, much like there is for smoking. My broken foot required surgical repair and the insurance company called me to determine if the accident could be covered by my car or homeowners insurance.


Amanda said...

I don't think that people realize how easy it is to injure yourself with an overeager pet until it happens to you--and then you wonder why it doesn't happen more often with more tragic results. I had a nice wipeout thanks to Stella a few months ago, but fortunately the only casuality was the diet soda I was carrying.

blondebombchelle said...

:-) I have this vision of a diet soda landing all over your head... are you that graceful in your delivery?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately no. I did a Chris Farley-esque face plant and tried to catch myself with the hand that was holding the soda, which then proceeded to gush out onto my floor. It was quite an accomplished act of physical comedy, if I do say so myself :)

Explosive Bombchelle said...

Studies indicate that nearly 1% of falls are a result of family pets. It is amazing how many people I received links from on the study.