Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ten Things You Should Know About Women

  1. We might complain about the toothpicks in magazines and how bad that is for the self-esteem of women, but that doesn’t mean we don’t wish we could fit into a smaller size.
  2. The hunter/gatherer instinct still lives. Luckily, we don’t have to go into the woods and fields to gather when the mall is so close.
  3. We check out members of the opposite sex as they pass our way too, we’re just a bit more discreet about it and wish you would be too.
  4. Women have made great strides and no longer need you to support us, but most of us aren’t ready to support you yet either.
  5. It takes a lot of time and money to keep up our looks, so the least you can do is trim your nose hair and dress up occasionally. When you look bad, we look bad.
  6. Women who love sports enjoy an extra dimension to the entertainment; nothing beats a good game while enjoying nice butts in tight pants.
  7. Don’t assume every woman dreams of her wedding day or wants children.
  8. Clothes do make the man, if you want a promotion, dress like you already got it and don’t be afraid to ask for our help.
  9. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like discovering the holy grail.
  10. It is not hard to be romantic; just keep your ears open. Know her favorite flower and get it. Know her favorite musician and be the first on line for tickets. Know her favorite food and learn to cook it. Find her perfect jeans. Be the man in the middle of her romantic dreams.

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