Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Year of the Maternity Shirt

This summer, I plan on being the most out of fashion person walking. With every trip to the mall and every catalog received in the mail, it is painfully obvious that there will be no clothes purchases made this year. My closets are in need of a major overhaul, but I refuse to adhere to this year’s biggest fashion trend; the maternity shirt.

The fashion industry might refer to the cut of the shirt as “empress waist,” however, every woman bigger than an A-cup looks like she is expecting. It is hard not stare at a woman in one of these modified tents to determine if there is a bump under the shirt or not. The fashion industry is influenced by developments in society and I cannot help but connect the maternity shirt craze with the media’s obsession with celebrity pregnancy. Still, fashion might follow what is in vogue for celebrities, but many of those fashions flop, especially in Middle-America. I cannot understand is how the maternity shirt is selling, and why women would want to wear something that makes them look like they are 5 months along. This trend must be great for women who actually are pregnant, opening up their shopping options to stores other than Pea in the Pod.

In a workplace where pregnancy is contagious, at an age where many women are expecting or are done, and with my 6th anniversary right around the corner, wearing this year’s hottest shirt is not just bad for my body type, it would be bad for my personal life. The rumor mill at work is constantly churning and there is no reason to add further fuel to the watercooler conversation on whether I’m the next one to join the Mommy club. Rebelling against the trend, you’ll find me in shirts that are way too tight this summer.

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